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What are the main uses of sodium tripolyphosphate?

Sodium polyphosphate is mainly used as an auxiliary for synthetic detergent in industry. It is an indispensable excellent auxiliary. It not only improves the decontamination effect of detergent and cleans our living environment, but also can be used in mining, petroleum, papermaking, metallurgy and water treatment. Its main functions are as follows:

1. It has the property of chelating hard metal ions: the washing water we usually use usually contains hard metal ions, which will react with the active substances in the detergent to form metal salts. This not only increases the use of detergent, but also darkens the color of washed articles. This property of sodium tripolyphosphate can eliminate these adverse effects caused by metal salts.

2. It can promote gelation, emulsification and dispersion: sodium tripolyphosphate has the effect of gelation of proteins in human secretions, can also promote the emulsification of fatty substances, and has the effect of dispersion and suspension of external sand, dust and other solid particles.

3. It has great alkaline buffer effect: as an assistant of synthetic detergent, sodium tripolyphosphate can maintain the pH value of detergent at about 8.4, which can promote the removal of acidic dirt.

4. Keep dry: in the environment with high humidity, powdered synthetic detergent is easy to appear one by one, which brings inconvenience in the process of use. After absorbing water, sodium tripolyphosphate can form a dry hexahydrate product, which can effectively prevent the phenomenon of caking, so as to keep the dryness of powdered synthetic detergent.


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