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Comparison of sodium hexametaphosphate and trisodium phosphate

Sodium hexametaphosphate is used as water softener for cooling water treatment of power stations, rolling stock, boilers and chemical fertilizer plants, detergent additive, control or anti-corrosion agent, cement hardening accelerator, streptomycin purification agent, cleaning agent for fiber industry and bleaching and dyeing industry. It is used as flotation agent in beneficiation industry. It is used in medicine to prevent rust of drilling pipe and control the viscosity of rising slurry during oil drilling. It is also used in textile printing and dyeing, tanning, papermaking, color film, soil analysis, radiochemistry, analytical chemistry and other departments.

Trisodium phosphate is mainly used in synthetic detergent as additive, soap synergist and preventing soap grease precipitation and frost. It has a strong emulsifying effect on lubricating oil and fat. It can be used to adjust the pH value of buffer soap solution. It can be used as dispersant when preparing suspension in industries such as water softener, tanning pretanning agent, dyeing assistant, paint, kaolin, magnesium oxide and calcium carbonate for industrial water, dispersant for drilling mud, and anti oil stain agent in papermaking industry.


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